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- Birthdate: August 14, 1979
- Currently resides in Los Angeles.
- Is a former Laker Girl (2002-2003 season).
- Her middle name is Christina.
- Is dating actor Jared Padalecki.
- Is skilled in dancing and many sports.
- Her first "real" break was getting the lead role in *N Sync's "Pop" music video.
- Has her bachelor's degree in Psychology from Santa Clara University in California.
- Took a 50% salary cut for hiring a body double in her film "Wild Things 3: Diamonds in the Rough."
- Has appeared in numerous television shows ("Veronica Mars," "CSI: Miami," "CSI: New York," "Two and a Half Men," "Felicity," "The O.C."), music videos (*N Sync, Fall Out Boy, S Club 7, O-Town, Westlife, Fountains of Wayne), and commercials (I-HOP, Heineken, Old Navy, Circuit City, Coke, 1-800-CALL-ATT, Sony, Verizon).

- You can post anything Sandy-related. Feel free to post photos, icons, picspams, news, reviews of the work Sandra's been in, or even random "Ain't she cute?!?" posts. NO manips or fanfiction. (See below.)

- NO "sexy/naked" manips - I have no desire to see pictures of Sandy and Jared's heads posted on porn stars bodies having sex. Respect their privacy and leave that part of their lives up to them. However, artistic manips that are sometimes used in wallpapers are perfectly ok. (If you have any questions about this, please email me before you post.)

- NO fanfiction. I don't read fanfiction and I get annoyed by seeing so much of it on my f-list, so I generally want to keep it out of this comm. However, whether or not we have it depends on the amount of activity in the comm and what everyone else thinks about it.

- Regarding pictures and fanart: please put large pictures, multiples pictures, and icon batches under an LJ-cut. Always credit the site you got the pictures from, and always credit the user you get fanart and icons from.

- NO HOTLINKING. Please upload your pictures to a site like Photobucket or ImageShack. If you are unsure what hotlinking is, ASK!!!

- We're here to talk about Sandra McCoy, so save the drama for your mama. ;) Rudeness towards other members will not be tolerated, especially defamatory comments made about Sandy. I don't care if she's dating Jared Padalecki and he's your soul mate. It doesn't make her a bad person, and it doesn't mean you should hate her. Keep the hate OUT of this comm.

- I reserve the right to delete posts that are defamatory or do not follow the rules.

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